Cockeysville Football Cockeysville, Maryland 21030, Upper Chesapeake Youth Football League. UCYFL

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Registration Overview:

This is where all CRC registration will take place. Once you have used it all other registrations throughout Cockeysville Recreation Council should be much simpler.

Here is a brief overview of how it works.

  1. Click on the Registration program for your child.
  2. Create your Cockeysville recreation account. (if you haven't do so already from one of the other partnering sports under Cockeysville Recreation Council.)
  3. Log into the registration system
  4. If it is your first time using this, you will need to create the parent/guardian information
  5. Then you will be asked to add the information for your child
  6. If you have used this before, then you will simply be asked to confirm your information in the system.
  7. You will need to fill out the registration supplemental information
  8. Add any additional children playing?
  9. You make your payment online with a credit card, bank debit card or gift card. (You do not have to have a PayPal account. There should be an area that says "Don't Have a PayPal Account"  Use that link, unless you desire to pay with PayPal).
  10. Your all done!