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About Cockeysville Football

The Cockeysville Football program promotes safety, fair play, skill development, good sportsmanship and the enjoyment of the game of football for all players. We believe that the values learned on the field have a far-reaching effect on the lives of our children.

Registration for the season will begin the first week of March and notice will be posted in the Cockeysville Recreation flyers distributed to local public schools, by signage throughout the Cockeysville community, and on our website 
Cockeysville Football currently participates in the American and Federal Divisions of the Upper Chesapeake Youth Football League (“UCYFL”). We field teams according to age and weight from 5 to 14 years of age. All teams, including our clinic group, are full contact.

We field at least one team in each of the following age groups in the American Division: 5-6 (“Clinic”),7U,  8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 14U. If we are able to field more than one team in any age group, that team participates in the Federal Division.
In the past, your child’s team placement was determined by their age as of a certain date and their weight for the specific age group. In 2012, the League introduced “age only” football all age levels. This means that your child will play with kids that are only their age. No more Older But Lighter players... they will play with the same kids that are in school with.

CRC Football is a travel team. We play our home games at County Home Park (“CHP”). The season is a 8-week regular season followed by a 3-week play-off. All CRC Football age groups practice together, on the same field at the same time beginning on August 1rst. The fact that we practice at the same time and on the same field is on of the biggest advantages of our program for parents of multiple players. In July until the end of August, practices are held at CHP on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 6-8 PM. Once school is in session, we will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays (some of the older groups may have a practice on an occasional Friday) from 6-8 PM. Game schedules are provided by the League in late August and distributed immediately upon receipt.

Please be advised that the League also requires each player to obtain a Digital League ID card prior to the first game of the season. The League will assign our program an ID card date and players must attend in order to have their picture taken and card issued by the League officials. A player may not use an ID card issued by another program. If your child does not obtain a League ID card, he cannot participate in games. In order to obtain an ID card, each player will need an original birth certificate or a certified copy with a raised seal or a valid passport. We will take (or you provide) a head shot of your player to be placed on the card. Your newly issued ID card will be retained by Cockeysville Football and given to your individual Coaches.

During the dog days of August, Coaches are evaluating players and positions and children are learning the fundamentals of the game giving it their all--all their time, sweat and effort. For these reasons, vacations -- especially extended vacations -- are strongly discouraged. Football is a team sport that requires all players to be present. Because we realize that many of our families want to do some sort of travel during the month of August, we only practice 4 days a week during this time. Most other programs are 5 days and some are even 6 days a week. It is our hope that as Cockeysville player/parent you will take advantage of the long weekends and not pull your kids from team practice during the week.

The following equipment is provided to each player: practice pants and practice jersey, shoulder pads, helmet, and game pants. You will need to purchase everything else. We will have an opportunity for you to purchase those through Cockeysville rec or you can purchase them from a sporting goods store yourself. Before the season begins we wil have coupons for the sporting goods stores in the area.  Please watch your email for this.  We will again be offering for purchase, player game jerseys that the player will keep at the end of the season.  These are Sublimated style jerseys that will normally last a full season.  Players must provide:

  • girdle (we sell at our field)
  • knee pads (we sell at our field)
  • cleats,
  • protective cup
  • colored attachable mouth guard (we sell at our field)
  • chin strap (we sell at our field)
  • socks

A $100 deposit  is required on the equipment. The deposit is held until the end of the season. If the equipment is returned, as instructed at the end of the season, YOUR DEPOSIT WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU.

An awards banquet to all players and Coaches, is held at the end of the season. All players receive participation awards at the end of the season at the banquet.

If you should have additional questions, comments or concerns, please e-mail me at .


Devin Gilliam