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"Is Practice On?"
During the season, if practice is going to be canceled because of excessive weather conditions a notice will be posted first on the website.  We will try to get it on there by at least 4:15pm. Then an email will follow.  As a general rule…. Practice is on unless you hear otherwise….Welcome to football.

Remember..... The first thing you should do is check the website.
Thunder and Lightning…. If you hear thunder or see lighting, practice is automatically delayed for 30 minutes from that point in time. Please go directly to your cars with your player(s). While we are off the field, each instance of thunder or lightning will reset the 30 minute clock.  If the delay last for 60 minutes, the remainder of practice will be canceled.

On Game days if a game is going to be canceled in advance it will happen at least 3 hours before the start of the game.  If you don't hear about a cancelation by that time, proceed as if the game is still on.  Parents please realize.... we will play in the rain. Some fields are turf and as long as there is no thunder or lightning the game will be played.

Once the Referees show up at a game site, they will make the call if a game will be canceled due to weather.